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Space Talent Open
Pitch Opportunity

Open Pitch Opportunity provides founders a path to their first investment

Space Talent offers access to research and systems that enable anyone to create a
business at the intersection of space and tech. Choose a platform, identify a use case,
form your pitch, unlock funding.

Submissions are reviewed on an ongoing basis and if your pitch is accepted, Space Talent will provide founders access to credits with our technology partners and the opportunity to receive up to $1.5M in funding from Space Capital and our affiliates.

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To get you started, we curated some of the most innovative tools that unlock the space stack and make it easy to experiment and build. These platforms provide relevant data, analysis, and services to enhance your business design.

Tools & platforms

Example use cases

How can these platforms be used?

Detecting available roof area with proper sunlight on buildings for best positioning of solar panels.

Analyzing man-made deforestation.

Monitoring offshore drilling facilities and detecting oil spills.

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Product Example: Plaid

Enabling all companies to build fintech solutions.


Access our bank data APIs, which include bank account info and transaction data

Use sample data to try out our APIs in our sandbox environment

Use real data from up to 100 real financial accounts when you’re ready to start building

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We have a rolling acceptance for new pitches. Secure up to to $1.5M in funding from Space Capital and our affiliates. Submit your plan and pitch deck for our consideration.