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It’s hard to remember what life was like without ubiquitous GPS. Satellite navigation has not only made it easier to get from Point A to Point B, but it has also created enormous value for an entire generation of companies, from location-based services like Google Maps, to the tools that power modern logistics, agriculture, finance, and retail businesses. Indeed, GPS enables our global economy.

Now another big shift is taking place, sparked by rapidly improving Earth-observation (EO) and communications satellites, and the creation of tools that will democratize this data for all kinds of business, environmental, and philanthropic uses. These satellite constellations will provide truly global internet connectivity, which will power the automated systems that are about to reshape many industries. They’ll also enable the collection of new types of data that will drive increasingly powerful and specific business insights.

Space Talent is a free career platform built for the global ecosystem of companies at the intersection of Space and Tech. The biggest opportunities and challenges over the next century will transcend regions, cultures, and boundaries. Space provides a unique platform to deliver solutions that reach every living thing on the planet and we need the best talent in the universe to unlock the full potential.


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